Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sad story of heat

An elderly, 40-45 years old femaly elephant collapsed and died at Angkor Wat on 22 April 2016 during to train tourist, after 40 minutes walking. She had been working at the Angkor Elephant Company since 2001 and may be got heart attack cause of 40°C and low water to be drank.

Yem Senok facebook user has posted three photos about the sad story which were shared more than 8000 times and provoked outcry on social media. There are still 13 elephants working at the company, but people garnered signatures that elephant riding to end in this area.

Tourism has to offer special trips to invite and win foreing visitors. Accidents have been happen at any destination but to ride elephant - this is a truly exotic program of Asia. Anyway there is trouble with not the event but the method of care these animals.

I have just one more question: How many websites have signed the source of that picture? (copyright of Yem Senok)

Source of photo by Yem Senok via facebook:

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